Glossary of Conservatory Terms

Air Conditioning
This works by taking up heat exchange fluid that is gas or liquid which is compressed and then left to evaporate. The energy that is used up is drawn from the warm room air that is passed over the exchanger interface in the middle of the two mediums. Conservatory air conditioning is available in small units that are not too expensive as you will find out shortly.

This is the material that most conservatories are designed with. It is a very good material in cases where the structure is not so strong. Compared to other materials, aluminium is not a very good insulator. It is also more expensive when compared to PVCu.

Building Regulations
The majority of conservatory builds are excluded from building regulations. The article titled ‘conservatory building regulations’ will help you have a better understanding of the whole issue.

Square Conservatory
These are usually symbolised by the square or rectangular plan view and apex roof structure.

The above is a short form of Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme which is a scheme that has many companies as members but that does not guarantee that the members have high quality conservatories.

In order for the conservatory to be complete, it must be furnished in the best possible manner. Some of the most commonly used conservatory furniture is made up of wicker, cane and rattan although this is not a necessity.

This is a group of woods that conservatories are usually made up of. One of such materials is the Oak. It is also important to add that conservatories that are made out of hardwood are usually more expensive than those made up of aluminium or PVCu.

Conservatory heating can be in the form of radiators including electric, oil or central heating. It may also be in the form of under-floor heating and air conditioning.

Pilkington is the company that invented K-glass. This type of glass significantly reduces the amount of heat that is lost to the outside world. This technique works because of the microscopic coating that is on the inside pane of the glass in double glazing. While the technique does not loose heat to the outside world, it is able to easily absorb the heat that comes from the sun.

Lean To
This is also another one o the types of conservatories that are available. This style can easily be identified by the rectangular-shaped plan view and slanted roof braced on one side by the wall of the house in question.

P-Shaped Conservatory
This type of conservatory is identified by its P-shaped plan view and apex roof structure.

Pinoleum Blinds
These conservatory blinds are usually designed with wooden slats. They are also Roman conservatory blinds.

Planning Permission
The article on conservatory planning permission is able to guide you through this issue.

Pleated Blinds
These blinds are very well known and frequently used. They can be folded up like a fan.

This conservatory is usually lean and mostly used at the front door. It can be very effective during cold weather.

This is a very economical material that is popular when it comes to making conservatories. PVC is the short form of Polyvinyl Chloride with the u standing for un-plasticised.

Conventional central heating radiators are a very good way to ensure maximum results however you need to plumb them into the existing central heating system if there is any. Electric radiators are very good because they are very easy to install.

This material may resemble bamboo a little but is most commonly refer to as cane. It is especially used for specialised conservatory furniture.

Roman Blinds
These blinds are characterised by being rolled up at the bottom of the blind as the blind is raised. Pinoleum is the material that is usually used here.

Roller Blinds
These ones are also coated with solar coating to increase their anti-conservatory-to-oven properties and they are made of fabric.

Solar Coating
This is usually used as an alternative to conservatory blinds. It may also be used in a complementary manner. It is basically a good option for those who wish to reduce heat in a conservatory during hot weather.

Summer House
This term is usually used to identify a detached conservatory. It may therefore be a separate building that is designed with conservatory materials.

Sun Blinds
When this is installed in the correct manner, it can be very effective in controlling the amount of sun and thus it easily helps determine the climate in the conservatory.

Sun Lounge
Simply another name for a lean to conservatory.

Under-floor Heating
This technique enables you to heat up the conservatory in an invisible manner. This is usually achieved through the use of a narrow gauge plastic tube that carries warm water below the surface of the floor. This system can last for a number of years if installed correctly.

Victorian Conservatory
This is usually identified by the polygonal plan view and apex roof structure.

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