The Different Conservatory Designs

There are many different types of conservatory. Some examples of the many different types would be: The Three Facet Victorian, The Five Facet Victorian, The Edwardian/Georgian, The Gable Front, The P Shape, The T Shape Victorian, The Corner infill, and The Lean-To.

Adding a conservatory to a home is a considerably quick and cheap way to add extra space to a property.

The Three Facet Victorian and the Five Facet Victorian are nearly identical, aside from a few minor architectural differences. The Three Facet Victorian is a classic styled conservatory. With a versatile style and shape to it, it could be placed on nearly any property. The Five Facet Victorian is very similar to the 3 facet Victorian. It is a five facet shaped conservatory that is perfect for adding a larger space to a home. The Edwardian/Georgian is a conservatory that has a style that is also similar to the Three Facet Victorian conservatory. The Edwardian, or Georgian, has a much more squared shape that allows for a great amount of extra space.

The Gable Front conservatory is most commonly a rectangular or square shape, similar to that of the Edwardian conservatory. The Gable Front has a distinct style that adds height to a structure. It is also known for allowing for more light to enter the room. The P Shape conservatory is obviously P shaped. This style of conservatory combines both a Victorian and a Lean-To conservatory. The P Shape conservatory is a fantastic way to add a large space to a home. The T Shape Victorian is a conservatory that is most well known for it’s central doors exiting into garden spaces. This gives the effect of bringing a garden into the home. The main projection of a T Shape conservatory is able to create a porch effect and highlights your garden with a main doorway.

The Corner infill conservatory is best utilized by outside areas that are unused. The area must have adequate space for the two externals walls that will be built. This conservatory design is one of the most cost effective ways to add a conservatory to a home. The Lean-To is the type of conservatory that is also known as a garden room. They are also known as a sun room or a Mediterranean conservatory. This type of conservatory is best suited for a property that may have a height restriction, such as a bungalow.

If you constructing a conservatory for your business premises the depreciation of it is deductible in your tax return.

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